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Why or how do frog legs jump twitch or dance

Frozen Frog legs

Why or How Do Frog Legs Jump Or Twitch when they are cleaned or dead?

Why do frog legs twitch or dance  or jump when salt is sprinkled on them? And the frogs are already cleaned or dead or just a pair of legs sitting on a plate?  Salt is all we will say at this point LOL.....  Well we have all seen it and it is a bit weird and freaky and if you have not seen this phenomenon, it's worth a look if it doesn't make you squeamish.  This is nothing new and has been floating on the internet for a long time to the point to where folks are reposting and recreating the same event with showing why or how frog legs jump or twitch.  See videos below from YouTube.

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Frog legs Dancing Twitching Jumping with salt

How or Why Do Frog Legs Dance Twitch or Jump when salt is added?

They do this when they are already raw frog meat, cleaned, skinned and dead ready to cook.  As you may or MAY NOT know, magic is not real and nor is frog legs coming back alive and dancing on your counter top or cutting board. There is a such thing though as science and we are pretty sure that science can explain how or why frog legs jump or twitch when they are already dead, dismembered from the hips down and and skinned.  To adults, this is weird or funny but to kids is it actually freaky.  BUT if you have never seen this happen and you create the right situation (which isn't hard) you may be in for a pleasent surprise.  We have debunked all of the myths below and have also included some YouTube videos of the dancing and twitching frog legs.  They are not our videos as we just shared other that have already captured and documented this funny reaction. Right Photo Credit to Trapper J Outdoor YouTube account

Dancing Twitching Frog legs

Why or How Do Frog legs Jump Twitch or Dance when Salt Is Added?

Yes it is true that raw cleaned and dismembered frog legs will dance, jump or twitch if you sprinkle table salt onto the frog legs?  Why or how does the salt make the frog legs dance twitch or dance?  Well it this weirdness happens because even though  the frog is obviously dead with just frog legs and no body, the frog legs still contain some alive and living body cells that can respond to certain stimuli. Sodium ions that are in basic salt applied to raw just killed frog legs behave like signals from the brain and cause the nerves to fire.
Meaning, the muscles contract in response to the signal from the salt and the reaction that it causes the frog legs to dance jump and twitch.  So the next time you have some fresh frog legs and you you have your family or friends around, sprinkle some salt on the frog legs when they are not looking and watch their reaction...ha haaaaa.  Now you know how or why frog legs jump twitch and dance when salt is added to them.

Got some frogs the other night and decided to let them do a little dance before they hit the fryer.

We did a little frog gigging today, heres a video of the reaction to salt from fresh frog legs! Watch them jump dance and twitch.

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