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How to farm raise frog legs.

How to farm Raise frog legs

How To Farm Raise Frog legs.

How To Farm Or Raise Frog Legs.  There are many different approaches on how to farm or raise frogs for frog legs.  The principal is all the same, raise the largest frogs you can for the least about of money and as fast as you can.  But to put all of those together and make a profit worth the effort is a different story.

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How to farm raise frog legs.

How to farm raise frog legs.

How to farm or raise frogs for frog legs.  How to Farm or raise frogs commercially for frog legs is a question that doesn't seem to have a good answer to it here in the USA.  Have you ever thought about going into business and starting to learn how to Farm, raise or grow frogs for frog legs?  There is indeed a big market for learning how to and actually farming and raising frogs for frog legs.  But as you start to look into this frog leg farming and raising industry you will quickly see that all of these business are overseas in asia mainly and most of all of the frog legs that we see being sold in the USA are coming out of China.  So you ask yourself, how do you farm or raise frogs for frog legs and be successful with it?  If it were that easy, everybody would be doing it....right?

how to farm raise frog legs

How To Farm Raise Frog legs.

There is some info on the internet when it comes to how to raise or farm bullfrogs for frog legs.  Most of your frog farms are overseas in the Asian parts of the world and even they have issues.  Most of them are asking themselves in the end, how can I farm or raise frogs for frog legs better, faster and cheaper.  Well this all comes from experience and time with the business and revisions to what you are already doing.  Don't sacrifice quality and the potential for sickness, disease and over populating these hungry creatures or then they will just eat each other and won't repopulate due to stress.  This is the reason why many countries overseas will hunt their frogs in the wild and this in turn takes certain frog populations way low or into the point of being endangered or headed to extinction.  Do your homework when it comes to ways on how to raise and farm bullfrogs for frog legs.

How to farm raise frog legs

How to farm raise frog legs.

How to raise farm frog legs comes down to $$.  Being taught or learning how frog Farming and Raising frogs for frog legs basically comes down to how much it costs you to grow, farm or raise one frog to an adult size that is large enough to sell on the trade market.  The cost very quickly goes up compared to what those same frog legs per pound will be bought from you at wholesale prices.  It is simple math, if it costs you $3.50 to grow or raise or farm 1 pound of frog legs and you sell your frog legs wholesale at $3.75 or $3.50 or $$3.25 per pound, you can see that you in the end are not making any money or just a little bit and that little bit isn't enough to be worth the frog leg farming, frogging or raising business.  Sources state that it takes 1.15 pounds of LIVE frog food to make 0.4 pounds of ready for market frog legs.  Check the markets now so that you have an idea about feeding cost when it comes to knowing how to feed your frogs.  HGow did I ever get into this frog farming or raising business.......


Fried Frog Legs Frog Farm photo

Raising frogs for frog legs on a frog farm is not the eaiest thing to do these days as a business.

Check and check and double check and DO YOUR HOMEWORK and RESEARCH before you ever think about starting and raising a frog farm for frog legs.  To farm and raise frogs is more of a task than you think.  One big fact with rearching how to raise or grow or farm frogs for frog legs is that Bullfrogs eat LIVE food, so trying to get them to eat dead insects or pellets or frog feed food is something that needs handled or you simply will go broke buying and feeding your frog farm frogs live chow.  If you have more of a wild out door natural set up, you can attract a lot of bugs, insects and other smaller animals with A LOT of ground level lights.  This way the frogs can eat what they can find and and it all be natural and alive.  But you will be limited with either bugs or frogs or both.

The commercial production of frogs to meet the demand for frog legs in the United States is, at best, a chancy undertaking! For a variety of reasons, you should look long and hard before investing your hard-earned cash in any frog farming “get-rich” above to read more.

NOTE: Article from 1978
Make money frog farming. Raising frogs is easier than you think, demands are high for this low-maintenance crop and the pay-out is lucrative.

Raising and selling frogs on a commercial basis has not proven to be successful economically in Virginia or elsewhere in the United States to our knowledge. Although farming for frog legs sounds promising.  Click to read more.

While there may be some profit from selling frogs, artificial propagation of frogs on a commercial basis has not been proved successful. The Fish and Wildlife Service has received thousands

ALAPAHA, Georgia -- On Dec. 7, 1982, we reported here that America's long national frog shortage was over. This was incorrect. It wasn't even close.

The American Frog Canning Company had a pitch for people struggling to make a living in the 1930s, when jobs were scarce and money tight. The company promised a good market and a steady source of income. It was

Have you ever tasted frog meat? Be it fried, adobo, sinampalukan, it always tastes like chicken! Of course there are frog species that are edible, one of them is called “palakang bukid” (rice field frogs), the one with slippery-smooth skin and large legs.

Instead of swinging ropes during roundup at Rana Ranch in southeastern Idaho, Steve Rivas and his family flick dip nets.

They wrangle 6,000 American bullfrogs annually to ship to about three dozen loyal clients — universities, medical schools, hospitals, drug companies 

What are the 50 State list of frog hunting laws?
Below you can browse and look through all of the states and the laws that are associated with hunting, catching, fishing for frogs and frog legs.  Each state covers sizes, possession bag limits, weapons and seasons for frog hunting for bullfrog frog legs.

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Alabama Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Alaska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Arizona Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Arkansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  California Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Colorado Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Connecticut Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Delaware Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Florida Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Georgia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.
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Hawaii Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Idaho Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Illinois Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Indiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Iowa Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kentucky Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Louisiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maine Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maryland Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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Massachusetts Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Michigan Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Minnesota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Mississippi Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Missouri Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Montana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nebraska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nevada Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Hampshire Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Jersey Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. 
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New Mexico Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New York Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Ohio Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Oklahoma Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. Oregon Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Pennsylvania Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Rhode Island Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  South Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Texas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Utah Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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