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Frog Leg Meat.  Who Wants some Frog Leg Meat?

Frog Leg Meat.

Frog Leg Meat.

Frog Leg Meat has been said to be one of the best tasting and textured meats that nature has ever created.  For those of you that have tasted frog leg meat which is bullfrog leg meat probably love them and for those of you that have not tasted them, need to.  If you can get past the visual of the frog and take yourself to the end product of some super yummy fresh fried frog legs.  Frog let meat is super healthy for you and very high in protein and very low in fat and full of omega 3 fatty acids.  To some the frog legs are weird to look at as they almost look like a real pair of human legs.  But this is just the way that they are cut at the hip and the thigh muscles look almost like a human butt.  BUT we guarantee you that outside of the looks and thought of frog leg meat, it is very very very good for you and super yummy.  If you like chicken, fish and seafood, you will like frog leg meat.


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Frog Leg Meat

Frog Leg Meat.

  Frog Leg Meat kind of fits into the category of alligator meat.  They kind of go hand in hand in that if you see alligator meat you will usually see frog leg meat for sale also.  Frog leg meat is just in it's own league when it comes to taste and texture even when compared to alligator.  They are both white meats and VERY VERY good but they are just two different experiences.  If you have never tried frog legs, give it a try and chances are that you WILL like it.  If you live anywhere near the south, and you have not tried some fresh frog legs, you are SO SO SO SO missing out.  BBQ, Fried, Grilled, in soups and there is so much more that you can do with frog leg meat when it comes to cooking and eating it.

Frog Leg Meat

Frog Leg Meat.

Many folks that have tried and or eat frog leg meat on a regular basis will give you a wide variety of descriptions on what frog leg meat taste like.  It ranges from frog leg meat taste like chicken to lobster to that they taste like frogs....ha haaaa.  But seriously, frog leg meat is a white meat and it is a bit chewy like seafood but has a taste like that of between chicken/lobster/crab/shrimp in our opinion but everybody has their own opinion on what frog leg meat taste like.  The biggest factor with frog legs is that they are frog legs meat.  Some folks have a hard time with this even though the taste and texture of the frog leg meat is outstanding.

Frog Leg Meat

Frog Leg Meat.

Fresh fried frog leg meat is so so so so so YUMMY.  If you were to have a blind food taste with some folks that would never in their life taste frog leg meat and you gave them this test, 90% of them would like it.  Those other 10% would just not care for it just because of the 10% rule.  But seriously,  frog leg meat is very good for you and it is in our opinion super tasty.  If you like chicken wings, we don't see how you would not like frog legs other than the fact that they are frog legs.  It's no different than a cow or a pig or a chicken in their ful form alive and well walking around.  They are an animal just like frogs are.  Frog leg meat is just the same, it's it just a different animal with a GREAT taste.  At best the frog legs taste a bit watery, meaning they are from the water like fish or seafood but not one or the other, frog leg meat is a combo or all of the above.

  1. Is frog leg meat good for you and healthy to eat?
    Yea frog leg meat is very good for you and very healthy.  back to top

  2. What does frog leg meat look like?
    Frog Leg Meat looks just like chicken meat basically. It is a white meat.  back to top

  3. How do you cook frog leg meat?
    You can cook frog leg meat just like you would chicken. So any dish that you make with chicken you can make with frog legs and make it just that much better.  back to top

  4. What does frog leg meat taste like?
    Frog Leg Meat taste like a cross between chicken and seafood. It has a chewy texture like that of lobster and or crab/shrimp. But everybody has their own thoughts on what frog let meat taste like.  back to top

  5. Is frog leg meat high in protein and low in fat as I have heard.
    Yes, frog leg meat is super low in fat and high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.  back to top

  6. Is it easy to order frog leg meat?
    Yes, just look at our Top MAIN MENU on this site and we have the BEST companies that sell frog legs that you can choose from.  back to top

  7. Can you freeze frog leg meat?
    Sure you can. If you have fresh raw frog legs and they are cleaned, wrap them well and or vacuum seal them for longer freshness when they are frozen.  back to top

  8. Can you hunt for frog leg meat in every state in the USA?
    Just about, there are some norther states that have bullfrogs for frog leg meat but they are not populated as the warmer and more southern states. Be sure to check for the states seasons though.  back to top

Frog Leg Meat.

Frog Leg Meat.

You can order frog leg meat and you can head out to your local restaurant to get your favorite meal made up of some fresh frog leg meat.  If you are lucky and have a place locally that sells raw fresh frog leg meat, good for you.  Most locations you will usually have to buy frozen frog leg meat from your local or chain grocery store.  If you are the out doorsy type and like hunting, you can head out into the hot humid evening and hunt yourself some very very fresh frog leg meat.  This way you know where they came from and also you know that they could not possibly get any fresher than that evenings frog leg meat hunt.

Frog Leg Meat.

Frog Leg Meat.

Now there is some controversy when it comes to frog leg meat.  Frogs or Bullfrogs specifically are an invasive species and they do reak havoc on the environment in which they live in for many reasons.  But as long as they are invasive and hunting or eating them in our opinion is helping to lower their populations we are okay with eating them.  Now, most if not all frog legs that you buy at a store or "internet" based companies also buy their frog legs in marge quantities from overseas on Asia.  The frog meat is cleaned and shipped to the USA frozen already so that there is no chance of bringing any form of disease into the states and then we cook it as with any meat.  We don't see the consumption of frog legs going away any time soon.  Companies will keep on selling frog leg meat and as log as there is a taste for them we will keep on hunting them to do our part to help control their numbers.  Frog Leg Meat is not farmed or grown in the USA as the process of raising frogs for frog leg meat is not profitable against the farms in Asia doing the same thing.

What are the 50 State list of frog hunting laws?
Below you can browse and look through all of the states and the laws that are associated with hunting, catching, fishing for frogs and frog legs.  Each state covers sizes, possession bag limits, weapons and seasons for frog hunting for bullfrog frog legs.

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Alabama Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Alaska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Arizona Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Arkansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  California Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Colorado Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Connecticut Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Delaware Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Florida Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Georgia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.
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Hawaii Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Idaho Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Illinois Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Indiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Iowa Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kentucky Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Louisiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maine Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maryland Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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Massachusetts Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Michigan Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Minnesota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Mississippi Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Missouri Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Montana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nebraska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nevada Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Hampshire Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Jersey Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. 
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New Mexico Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New York Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Ohio Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Oklahoma Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. Oregon Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Pennsylvania Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Rhode Island Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  South Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Texas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Utah Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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