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How to smoke smoked frog legs?

Smoked Frog legs Photo

Learn How to smoke Frog legs.

How to make smoke or make smoked frog legs is a great question.
Learning how to smoke or to make Smoked Frog Legs is a super simple process.  It is also a lot quicker than you would think because the frog legs that you are going to smoke are not super big and thick like a Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt.  You can season up your frog legs that you plan on smoking or you can leave them raw as is, this way you have straight smoke flavor.  You have to take some care and watch the temp and time when smoking frog legs because they are smaller.  This means that if you are going to smoke your frog legs you need to watch the temperature and how long you are smoking them. 

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how to smoke frog legs.

How To Smoke Frog Legs.

If you don't play close attention and stick close to your smoker when you are smoking frog legs, when it comes to learning how to smoke frog legs, you can easily and quickly dry them out.  Then your working with some Frog leg Jerky,......which isn't that bad either to eat.  As weird as it sounds I like my smoker to run a bit longer to make my smoked frog legs because I actually like them on the drying side and more chewy.  This goes the same for chicken wings.  I will actually recook or smoke chicken wings to get them just the way that I like them and that is crunchy and chewy.  Smoked frog legs are not eaten with skin so the extra chewy smoked frog legs meat is just perfect.

How to smoke frog legs?

How to make smoked frog legs.

Everybody has their own way of cooking meat and knowing how to smoke frog legs is no different.  Guys can get very touchy when it comes to doing anything outside when it comes to cooking meat in any way.  So if you are not the big outdoor griller or smoker when it comes to meat, ask some of your friends or co-workers.  Chances are that one of them is a serious smoker and they can give you soe hints when it comes to tips for smoking your frog legs.  Shoot, promise him a plate full and a few beers and I am sure that he or she would come over and help you cook up and teach you how to make some smoked frog legs.

How To Smoke Smoked Frog Legs.

How To Smoke Smoked Frog Legs.

What you see here is an electric smoker that we use to smoke smoked frog legs and it does a GOOD job.  Don't be hating because I/we use an electric smoker to smoke my frog leg as the temperature control of this E-Smoker is pretty much a set and forget type deal.  Yes I was not the one to use an electric smoker to smoke anything at all much less frog legs.....BUT, this was given to me FREE.  So I tried it and actually really really liked it.  Not only are frog legs smoked in this thing but I also smoke all kinds of other meats.  The thermostat works great and the temp regulates its self.  So when it comes to hot to deal with smoking frog legs and the fact that frog legs are on the smaller and thinner side of meats that most folks smoke, the auto temp control of the electric smoker is hard to beat in MY opinion.  But you can smoke ANY WAY that you would like to.  WIth me being a novice smoker or any meat, I like the eases of smoking frog legs and other meats in this design electric smoker.

  1. How Do You Smoke Frog Legs?
    In a nut shell you smoke frog legs just like you would any other meat but more like if you were smoking chicken wings as they are smaller and thinner.  back to top

  2. Do Smoked Frog Legs Taste Good?
    Yes they do as long as you like to eat smoked meat and like the smoked flavor.  back to top

  3. What Kind Of Smoker Do You Use To Smoke Frog Legs?
    Charcoal, Coal, Wood or Electric smokers can all be used to make smoked frog legs.  back to top

  4. What kind of Marinade do I use when I am smoking smoked frog legs?
    Well that is up to you, you can let the frog legs sit in liquid flavors to include liquid smoke or soy sauce or Teriyaki or Worcestershire sauce or something that you really like to marinade your white meats in for smoking. Let the frog legs site over night for the best results.  back to top

  5. What about smoking frog legs with dry rub seasonings, can you smoke frog legs like that?
    Yes in deed, simply buy your premade seasonings and coat your frog legs that you plan on using for smoking. Or you can gather up all of your favorite seasonings and make up your very own custom dry rub. use this with your frog legs that you plan on smoking in your smoker.  back to top

  6. What kind of dipping sauce should be used once the frog legs are smoked and ready to eat?
    Ahhhh, well this is up to you. Some folks like BBQ sauce, some hot sauce, some ranch and some like custom mixed dipping sauces for their freshly smoked frog legs that are steaming and ready to down the ol'hatch.  back to top

Smoked frog legs image

How to make smoked frog legs is very easy.

The 1st thing that you need is some frog legs seasoned just the way that you like them.  We like them either with no seasoning and dip the smoked frog legs later or we use some simple basic salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and some red pepper for some heat.  You can use any one of a million different rubs or marinated sauces.  It's all up to you and you can experiment each time you are smoking your frog legs.  We would recommend that you write down your recipes so that you don't forget the next time you are wanting to make your smoked frog legs again.  Writing down your smoked frog legs recipe will also allow you to make changes to it and keep it all documented for later use.

How to smoke smoked frog legs.

How to smoke smoked frog legs.

Here we have a grill that is used for smoking smoked frog legs be it gas smoked, charcoal smoked and also gas or wood smoking of frog legs, above you can see an electric smoker.  You don't need a $500 high speed low drag smoker, all you need is some frog legs and something that makes heat basically and smoke.  Something with fire and a way to slowly burn some special woods like peach or oak or hickory or apple etc etc.  This is what gives the frog legs that deep smoked flavor and also puts the slow heat into the grill, smoker or oven type equipment.  You can smoke frog legs super basic onto buying a crazy multi thousand dollar smoker.  But in the end, just your basic smoking methods is all you need when it comes to smoking frog legs.  As we have stated, be careful when smoking frog legs as they are a smaller meat and will smoke and cook faster and can dry out faster also.

How to make and smoke frog legs.

How To Smoke Frog Legs?

Now its time to pick out your smoker to smoke your frog legs.  Well at this point you need to already have your smoker ready and at home and know how to use it.  What we won't do is to tell you what smoker is the best to use to smoke frog legs much less how to smoke any meat.  That would be a whole other web site full of discussion.  You can use the smoker that you want and already have, or if you are headed out to buy your 1st smoker or replace the smoker that you already have, do you on that one and read up on the internet on the pros and cons for wood vrs coal vrs gas vrs electric vrs any other way that you want to smoke your frog legs.  Personally we/I use an electric smoker as it is very very easy to control the smoking temps.  If you are a die hard meat smoker and have been doing it for uphteen years and have it down to a science with wood because that is the best way and the only way to get frog legs smoked to perfection,...then great.  If not and you are a beginner to smoking meat and specifically learning how to smoke frog legs,....electric is super easy.  But again, you do you and what you prefer.

How To Smoke Frog Legs.

How To Smoke Frog Legs.

Now that you have your seasoned frog legs and you have your smoker prepared for smoking your frog legs, it's now time to actually smoke your frog legs.  Times with smoking your frog legs may vary just a little bit but not much because as we stated above, the meat on a frog legs is not 10 inches thick and does not take hours and hours to smoke your frog legs.  You may have to experiment with your frog leg some when it comes to smoking them because some frog legs are smaller, thinner and less meaty than some others depending on where you get them from.  Some frog legs that you will be smoking are hefty to where 2 or 3 will make up one pound of frog legs raw.  We suggest that you smoke your frog legs to an internal temp of at least 165 degrees.  Once your smoker is up to temp right at 225 degrees, it will take ABOUT 45 minutes to 1 hour to smoke your frog legs.  Anymore than that and you will really start to dry out your frog legs when smoking them unless your heat is not up at 225 and consistent for that 45 min to 1 hour.

Now all you have to do is to tell yourself and your friends that you are a master at smoking frog legs and you can impress them the next time that they come over to hand out.  Or don't share and make all of the smoked frog legs for yourself since you now know how to make smoked frog legs.

What are the 50 State list of frog hunting laws?
Below you can browse and look through all of the states and the laws that are associated with hunting, catching, fishing for frogs and frog legs.  Each state covers sizes, possession bag limits, weapons and seasons for frog hunting for bullfrog frog legs.

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New Mexico Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New York Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Ohio Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Oklahoma Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. Oregon Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Pennsylvania Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Rhode Island Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  South Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Texas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Utah Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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