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Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2022

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2022:
In the Maryland frog gigging season for 2022 is NOT allowed but you are allowed to take or capture bullfrogs by other means just not with a gig, 10 Bullfrogs for frog legs may be taken per day as food for personal consumption.

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  • When is frog gigging season in Maryland in 2022?
    As we see it right now, there is NO closed season for hunting frogs in Manyland in 2022 but you may not gig frogs in Maryland.  back to top

  • How many frogs can I hunt in Maryland if I am not allowed to take them by gigging for the 2022 season?
    You are allowed to take 10 bullfrogs per day in Maryland for the 2022 frog season.  back to top

  • Why is frog gigging in Maryland not allowed for the 2022 season?
    The only answer that we have as of this writing is that it is inhumane to gig or stab a bullfrog for the taking.  back to top

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

Maryland Frog Gigging is the hunting sport where you use a GIG to go GIGGING for frogs.  This requires you using a spear or a multi pronged barbed spear (gig) that has from 1 prong to as many prongs as you want,.... but up to about 7-8 max barbed prongs. Some states actually limit gig sizes and the number of prongs.  The more prongs the more puncture holes you will end up putting into the frogs so keep that in mind.  The barbs are so the frog wont slip off of the gig easily without some help from you in pulling the frog off of the gig.

You can also gig other things like flounder, snakes, fish, eel and more.  Using a gig to hunt or catch bullfrogs for frog legs is a very common way to hunt for them.  When you go frog gigging in Maryland and decide to use a gig, the actual gig is attached to a long pole so that you can reach out and gig or spear the bullfrogs.  The length of the pole that is attached to you your gig is up to you.  The longer the pole, the farther that you can reach out and spear or gig that frog.  There are many other ways that you can hunt for frog legs but the good ol' fashion way to hunt for frog legs is to use a gig and go frog gigging.  Again, just remember that Maryland frog gigging season 2022 is regulated by state laws, please be sure and make sure that you know your states frog gigging up to date laws.

Here you can take a quick crash course on how to gig frogs for the Maryland 2022 frog season.

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

#1 --  First you have to know where you are going to head out to for your day or evening of Maryland bullfrog frog legs gigging.  You may know a good place or may have spoken to somebody that knows a great spot to go frog gigging or simply head down to your local pond, marsh, river or lake.  At this point you will also know if you are going to be on foot or in a boat, so plan appropriately.  Your main tools of the trade will be your flashlights or head lamps, your gig and something to put the frogs in.  Since you are going to be around a lot of water you may want to wear rubber boots or waders so that your feet are not soaked all evening and turn to mush.

#2 -- Gather up all of your gear and equipment to include any fishing or hunting licences that you need for your state of Maryland 2022 frog gigging season and anybody else that will be with you unless they are exempt from a license.  Finally figure who is going with you on your exciting frog gigging trip for some super yummy frog legs.  It is also very important to go over some safety checks and procedures.  Night time hunting is a bit more dangerous as you will be out in the dark, so if you have younger kids with you, be sure to educate them on being safe and sticking close together when you are out frog gigging in the heart of the night.

#3 -- We are going to back up just a little here and talk about your gig or gigs for you frog gigging hunting trip.  The easiest thing to do is to head down to walmart or your local hunting & fishing store or you can order online your gigs.  There are 101 different designs of gigs that you can use from 1 prong to 8 prong on through square and round shaped prongs.  Most prongs on gigs are barbed and this helps the prongs stay in the frog and so that the frog will not slip off of your gig spear end. Some states do limit the gig size, so be sure and check your Maryland frog gigging 2022 season laws above to see if there are any restrictions.

#4 -- If your gig doesn't have a handle or pole, you will need one.  This can be as easy as a sturdy stick from a tree to a trick expandable aluminum or fiberglass pole.  Also you can use a nice long piece of bamboo as they are long and very sturdy and strong.  You need to the length for reaching out and gigging the frogs so that you don't have to get right up on them when you see one.  So all you need to do is to attach you choice of pole to your gig in a very secure way.  Meaning screw them together if they will like for the metal or fiberglass poles.  If you are using wooden poles or bamboo, (you may have to drill holes) and screw them together with actual screws or small through bolts all the way through the gig and pole.  This all ensures that your gig will not fall off of the end of your pole into the water and end your night of Maryland Frog Gigging season 2022 early.

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

Maryland Frog Gigging Season 2020

#5 -- Okay, now your ready, you have your kids, gear, equipment, location and are now headed out into the dark of the night to the big marshy pond a few miles away.  You arrive and get everything situated to include the kids and your headed to the shore line of the marshy pond.  The night is dark, hot and very humid,....PERFECT for frog gigging.

#6 --  There are 3 very distinct ways to find your Maryland bullfrogs that you want to gig.
          A= You physically see them with line of sight on land or in the water.
          B= You can see their shinny orange/yellow glowing eyes when you shine your light source on them.
          C= You hear their very deep bassy throaty BELLOW frog calling.

#7 -- Now that you have spotted the frog that you intend on gigging, you need to put and keep a light on the frog and in it's eyes as this stuns them and keeps them in place as they are blinded basically.  Now is your chance to take your gig and with one motion you need to stick and stab the frog through it's body preferable from the hips up into it's vital organs, aim for the middle of its body.  If the frog is on the ground it will be easy to stick the frog as you have the ground under the frog to have something to push against as you stick the frog.  But if the frog is in the water you will have to use a bit of extra effort and stick the frog harder so to puncture it well enough to get it gigged so that it will not fall off of the gig.  Watch out because them there Maryland Bullfrogs like to hang their super long tongue out when they are dead. 

This way you will most likely kill the frog as quickly as it can be killed and you also don't run the gig through the frogs back legs and ruin the bullfrog frog leg meat. Now you pull in your gigging pole and you are at this point looking at a dead or dying frog dangling from your gig prongs.  Also be sure to check your Maryland frog gigging 2022 season laws as some states DO NOT allow you to transport LIVE frogs once you are done with your frog gigging hunt.  Meaning, when you are headed home basically. When you leave the wilderness, the frogs need to be dead.

#8 --  Now it's time to grab onto the frog firmly (use gloves if you need to) and pull the frog off the gig prongs.  It may stick a bit when you get to the point of the barbs on the prongs of your gig, that is okay, just give it a tug and you will now have a big fat bullfrog in your hands.  Take your frog and place it into your holder of choice which can be a pillow case, bucket, sack or cooler.  If you plan on being out in the hot humid night for a while, you might consider a cooler with ice so that you can keep the frog meat as fresh as you can before headed home to clean the bullfrogs.


What are the 50 state frog gigging season 2022 laws?
Below you can browse and look through all of the states and the laws that are associated with gigging hunting, catching, fishing for frogs and frog legs.  Each state covers sizes, possession bag limits, weapons and seasons for frog hunting for bullfrog frog legs.

Alabama Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Alaska Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Arizona Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Arkansas Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  California Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Colorado Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Connecticut Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Delaware Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Florida Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Georgia Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.

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Hawaii Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Idaho Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Illinois Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Indiana Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Iowa Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Kansas Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Kentucky Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Louisiana Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Maine Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Maryland Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  

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Massachusetts Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Michigan Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Minnesota Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Mississippi Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Missouri Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Montana Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Nebraska Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Nevada Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  New Hampshire Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  New Jersey Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.

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New Mexico Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  New York Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  North Carolina Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  North Dakota Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Ohio Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Oklahoma Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022. Oregon Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Pennsylvania Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Rhode Island Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  South Carolina Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  

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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Texas Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Utah Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs gigging season 2022.

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