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What is the Frog Gigging Season 2020 Per State.

Frog Gigging Season 2020 Per State

Frog Gigging Season 2020 Per State.

The frog gigging season for 2020 per state is listed below by state.  Each state has it's own laws, rules, policy, regulations and more when it comes to frog gigging & hunting bullfrogs across the 50 USA states. Some states have no season and no limits when it comes to gigging bullfrogs for their frog legs.  Some other states are a bit more conservative when it comes to the bullfrogs and we are not sure why as the American Bullfrog is an invasive species that frankly are not wanted by those that understand them biologically.  There are many reasons that the bullfrog is bad as an invasive species and you can read about that in other articles in the TLC Frog Legs site.  But as far as gigging frog in 2020, this page below will show you all of the regulations and laws per state. If you have any updates to any of the below states, please contact us and let us know.

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